Be your content the reason Google will love your website and rank on the first page on the Google search. You may be wondering what type of content Google prioritizes more? Back in the days, this used to be a million-dollar question, but lion shared people know that SEO friendly content can help a website to rank faster and efficiently.
Are there any tricks to write SEO friendly content? Or How do you write content that pleases the search engine at the same time SEO friendly? No worries, here is the blueprint for writing SEO friendly content for your website,

1 Find Niche & Analyze Keyword
Before you write content for your website, find a niche or category where your website suits the best. For example, you have a website selling local and international air tickets, so your website falls under the Travel and Tourism niche. Targeting your niche according to business, the next step is to determine and analyze the targeted keywords.
Keywords also can be named as the topic of your content. It is best to target such keywords that suit your business nature and also have the capabilities to promote your products at the same time. Remember, your content is the first and foremost reason for getting organic traffic to your website and lead to more sales conversion.

2 Write Unique Content
Uniqueness increases the value of something and also attracts more audiences, a fact indeed!! Everyone loves to read something exclusive. While writing the content, you need to make sure that you’re writing unique content in order to secure a prominent position in the market.
It doesn’t mean that you will have to always write everything, always instead take a creative approach, play with words, and take good extra care about the organization while writing the existing content. When these features mentioned above will be available in your content, you will start getting more organic traffic to your website, because people LOVE IT!
Keep in mind that search engines, especially Google, are outstanding in identifying duplicate content, and there is no reason for them to rank a web page or website with copied content. This makes sense.

3 Take Appealing Approach

Maintain Perfect Portion

Your writing approach will determine how much traffic you will get and ranking potential on Google. There are so many ways you can make your article more attractive. The first characteristic you should emphasize while writing is the title and Meta tag of your article. As long as your title is smart and eye-catching, there is a huge possibility to get more audience.
Your title must contain some elements, such as having perfect readability, matching with context, summarizing overall information, and, most importantly, making it simple as much as you can. To get the idea, searching on the search engines with your keyword and title will give you enough idea of how you can produce your title.
Another essential factor you need to pay attention to is your introduction. Did you know that the human attention span lasts only for 0.9 seconds? So, you have to utilize those few seconds so that the readers show interest in reading your content further. Failure can increase the bounce rate of your rate, which has a direct impact in terms of ranking on the top of search engines.

4 Maintain Perfect Portion
The holy SEO guidebook suggests that you should use the perfect portion of keywords in your article. The primary strategy is using the primary keyword in the main heading of the article <H1>. Subsequently, your article will be more focused on a particular topic.
And make sure you are well aware of the keyword density of your article. By definition, keyword density is the percentage of the number of times a keyword appears on a page divided by the total number of words on that page. In an article of 100 words, you are using your keyword 10 times, your density will be 10%, so you can use this method to weight the keyword density of your article.
In terms of using the standard, the perfect keyword density most SEO experts believe that an ideal keyword density is around 1-2%. This means the SEO target keyword appears about one to two times per 100 words.

5 Utilize Meta descriptions
What is Meta-description? Well, meta-description is the text that’s generally used by Google to show the text results of the second and third lines of search results, underneath the TITLE. It’s important to make sure your MD is well-written and appealing.
The more beautifully you can write your meta description, the more organic traffic you will get because after reading the title of your website, the audience usually skims through the MD to understand whether the topic is available on this site or not. So you should create a Meta description that will portray your content or summarize as a whole.

6 Use media and optimize images      
You should not forget that an image can tell thousands of words also helps to demonstrate something more practical. Suppose you are writing about the writing pattern that one should follow while writing a news story. While you explain the module in words, using an image relevant to the topic can help the reader understand the pattern practically.
However, it is wise to keep the explaining image as simple as possible. Otherwise, it may create an opposite reaction in front of the audience. Strategically, you should always insert alt-tags/attributed to the image.
As a result, your image will be optimized, which will appear in the search for the relevant topic if someone looks for a similar topic image on Google.

All in all, writing SEO-friendly content is different from other writings, its technique and characteristics set it aside from all forms of writing. Following the steps mentioned earlier while writing content, you can help your web page or website as a whole to rank on the first page of Google. You should not rush while writing SEO content, try to produce it as much as possible, well-research, and, most prominently, make your reader’s ride enjoyable.