Ever since Search Engine Optimization (SEO) diced in the market in the late twentieth century, it became popular rapidly. Back then, SEO was considered the golden process to boost the website’s position to the top. While it was emerging, some took advantage of it because of its loose rules and fast results; some also couldn’t use it due to a lack of knowledge and tools. Although it created mixed experiences among people, everyone appreciated its initiatives.

To this day, hundreds of algorithm changes have been made to provide the best SEO optimization experience possible. Many tools and guidelines have been developed to make the process easier and understandable to everyone. Besides, rules and regulations have also gone through several changes so that everyone can get the result based on their hard work. After all these, many people still make some deadliest blunders, which eventually affect their web presence and ranking.

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Here is the list of Mistakes You Should Avoid on SEO for best result:

1 Inadequate Market Analysis

Market analysis means how much you are aware of your customer’s needs and how fast your business will be successful. Analyzing and creating a marketing plan is crucial. The most common and first mistake people make is directly into keyword research without understanding the targeted customer’s needs. So, do your homework first and get started with it.

2 Following Old Techniques

Nowadays, the internet is changing drastically, along with the algorithm of the search engine, developing both end-user experiences. Coping with all the changes is vital while you are doing SEO on your website. So, start following the rules and techniques promptly to rank fast on the top SERPs.

If you don’t upgrade your website with the latest techniques, you will undoubtedly miss all the organic traffic, as well as potential sales. Stop following the ancient method, be trendy!

3 Inadequate Keyword Research

SEO consists of various components, and each of the elements has a role in ranking your website’s position. For instance, keyword research and analysis is the first and foremost step to start doing SEO on a website. The term keyword research and analyzing means you need to target specific keywords and evaluate their overall value considering keyword difficulty, volume, and many more.

If you don’t do the keyword research properly and effectively, then your website might fail to reach the top page of the search results. All your hard work will go in vain if you are unable to do in-depth research.

Similarly, you should strictly follow everything step by step and ensure that you do not miss any part of the optimization process. Otherwise, it will affect your website in the long run.

4 Trying Shortcut Way

There is no shortcut to success. These days Google has become more intelligent. As a result, it can understand whether you are trying to trick Google to rank faster. If you do so, then you are risking everything all at once.

The tendency to use the Back-hat SEO technique is becoming quite popular because of its fast results. Black-hat SEO refers to the process of ranking a website on the top page violating all the terms and conditions of the search engine. It includes techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks. If you keep implementing black-hat SEO on your website will be vulnerable to being penalized.

SEO is not a one-time process; instead, it takes a certain period based on the strategy. You need to have patience and follow the white hat SEO techniques to ensure your site’s ranking.

5 Meta-Tag Mistakes

If you make any blunder in the meta-tag, then there is a zero percent chance that your site will be ranked. Meta-tags comprise several elements, H1 tags, meta-description, ALT attributes, and title tags, each of the features helps your site to rank.

For instance, the <H1> tag is equivalent to the face of your web page. If this tag is omitted or absent, then Google will be incompetent to recognize your web page to put you in the search list. Before publishing the meta-tag, always pay attention to it to avoid such a deadliest mistake.

6 Poor- Crawlability

Google works with crawlers to index your website on the search engine. What exactly do crawlers do? Well, crawlers generally read the available content of your web page. If all of the contents meet all the criteria of Google’s terms, then your site will be indexed and shown on the top of the SERPs.

Crawlability determines the possibility of indexing your webpage on the search engine. A few things can restrict crawlers to your website, such as robot.txt file, robots Meta tag, and HTTPS headers. So pay close attention to these factors to avoid failure in terms of ranking.

7 Upload Duplicate Content

Stop uploading duplicate content in your webpage, unless you want your website to be penalized. Not only your audience, but the search engine itself loves and appreciates original, unique, and high-quality SEO-optimized content because this type of content has value.

It is an idea to come up with a new topic; if you research precisely, you will find many content gaps that exist in the market. This creates an opportunity to secure a position in both customers’ minds and SERPs. However, another option is renovating, recreating, or polishing the existing content in a way that Google finds unique from others and helps you to rank faster.

8 Inappropriate Linking

Backlinking plays the most prominent role in supporting your website to secure the top position in the SERPs. While you are getting a backlink for your website, you should inspect it carefully so that those links won’t turn out as broken links.

Other SEO techniques

In conclusion, Who doesn’t want their website to appear on the top pages of the SERPs? When a website can secure the top position on the first page of the audiences’ search list, it carries the maximum prospect of getting more organic traffic and increasing ROI. Other than the mistakes mentioned above, there are also some basic blunders you should avoid.