The Elector has been established in 2015 and since then they started to add new services to their company, now they have 9 main services and each service split into subcategories. We have used The Elector web hosting since 2017 and we have never been disappointed by their services.

If you have a small business or blog like us they are the perfect web host, not only they offer FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS) but they also have one of the lowest price on the entire market.

Affordable Web Hosting

Their prices start from only £0.99 per month up to £9.99 per month if you want to host more website using a single account, otherwise Basic plan is perfect for small websites such as blogs, company website…etc. For only £0.99 per month you can have one website of maximum 10 GB or you can use it as storage for your private data without worrying losing them.

One of the best thing that you not gonna see at any other hosting providers is FREE SSL Certificates included in price however, The Elector has decided to give it for FREE for their user because they believe that any website needs to be secure from outside threds.

We believe that basic security of any website should be free provided by any hosting company. — The Elector

In case you encounter any problems with their services they provide 24/7 chat support that can also help you install any software or even install the FREE SSL Certificates if you don’t know how to do it.

If you are not sure how their services work you can always request 30 days Free hosting so you can test it out. Bare in mind that when you pay for one year hosting you actually pay for 11 months not 12, one month is always FREE.