Numerous cPanel web hosting sellers offer different packages. This can put you in a strenuous situation instantly. But let’s look beyond the market reputation and proficiencies. What characteristics do you need to consider while choosing the right hosting for you?

To be honest, there is no straightforward or simplistic answer to that question. The decision entirely depends on your requirements and needs and requirements.

This article intends to take you on a knowledge-gathering journey where you will learn how to choose the right hosting for your site.

Criteria for selecting a hosting company

There is a set of criteria for determining the most suitable web hosting company. It includes:


The reason behind putting customer support quality in the topmost part of the criteria is you can seek support whenever you need it the most. Customer support is a prominent component of a business that helps to stand in the market.

Before purchasing a hosting service, you want to consider evaluating customer support because you don’t know when you may/might need it. Though you cannot just put a parameter to measure customer support quality, some metrics can be taken into account while grading customer service. Such as:

  • Response Time

Having a great response time becomes a non-negotiable offer while choosing a company for hosting services. There is an ideology, that famous brands don’t pay heed to their customer. This is wrong in most cases! To evaluate any company’s response time, try messaging them from their site, and see how much time they take to get back to you.

  • Methods of Contact

Those web hosting sellers who offer different methods to interact, such as social media platforms, live chat, or other convenient options, tend to give the best customer service.

  • Follow Customers’ Reviews

It can occur that you cannot trust the above, and you want to know the real deal. Well, taking a glimpse at the existing reviews will give you enough ideas to predict the customer support quality.


Would you like to see your website taking more time to load than usual or just the text loaded without the functions? You won’t. After all, you are paying a certain amount of money every month or per annum for the service.

You might already know that Bandwidth is responsible for determining your site’s loading speed. To avoid any kind of upsetting situation, you must look into the bandwidth details that are entangled in the hosting package you are about to buy.

Generally, bandwidth is measured by gigabytes (GB). The more bandwidth you have, the faster your website loads, which will make your site more user-friendly and qualified for search engine optimization. However, if you look closely, you will notice many web hosting selling companies are offering Unlimited Bandwidth, which is a plus point for you as you won’t have to buy additional bandwidth for your site.

But how will you ensure that you are getting unlimited Bandwidth after purchasing hosting? Well, you can check from your cPanel where you will find the ‘Check the bandwidth.’ There you will discover how much Bandwidth your site has used till the checking time.

Keep in mind that getting more Bandwidth will allow you to run a heavyweight and more dynamic website without compromising its quality and rest assured.

Compare Price

As you have listed all of your requirements and are ready to purchase a hosting service for your site, now is the time to put on your economist goggles and find the best one!

Each hosting seller has tailored their packages in a way so that customer can just choose their preferred one and get started. But in terms of pricing, a silver-lining gap has been created, though it is because of the market competition. To find the best one, you need to research and figure out all the prices of different companies and create a comparison.

Let’s save you from such inconvenience and stressful task, here is a simple comparison to understand. In comparison between My IT Providers and Hostgator, there is a big difference in what they are offering.

  • Detailed Price-Comparison

For instance, the ‘Basic’ package of My IT Providers will charge you only £1.99/mo. This package includes 10 GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 30 EP Per cPanel, 10 databases, 10 FTP accounts, 10 email accounts, free Python, Ruby & Node.js App, free website builder, free SSL certificates, free Migration, daily backup, 24/7 support, and user-friendly cPanel, whatnot. You name it!

Whereas, Hostgator offers a single domain, one-click WordPress installation, free WordPress/cPanel, website transfer, unmetered Bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and free domain in their Basic package, named ‘Hatchling Plan.’ This package will cost you £8.99/mo.

As you can see, My IT Providers covers and offers all the things you need to run and grow your business at an affordable, also reasonable price. So, My It Providers is the winner here.


Before you get tricked or become dumbfounded at the renewal price, make sure you check it before your purchase. If the renewal price is not mentioned, just put your query in customer support to inform you.

Measure Uptime and Downtime

Downtime in hosting will take your site, the second page where ‘dead sites/pages’ belong. You don’t want to see your website in the graveyard, and this is pretty obvious.

Choose a hosting service that provides 99.99% uptime throughout the year and minimum downtime and won’t result in loss of customers/business.


These are the most prominent criteria you should ponder before purchasing a hosting web service. Who would want to switch to different hosting sellers frequently? You don’t want to, we know.

Purchasing a perfect hosting package from a reputed hosting company will benefit you in many ways and allow you to run your site smoothly while concentrating on the other parts of the business.