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There are many different types of web hosting plans that are out there for you, so it may be hard for you to figure out what is right for you. Therefore, we will discuss both colocation hosting along with managed web hosting. Colocation hosting is like dedicated hosting, but you will additionally have a server that only you will be using. Yet the biggest difference is that the server will actually belong to you and you will not have to lease it. This will cost you quite a bit of money initially. This type of hosting will let you place your server that is private at your own location. For some people, this makes them feel more secure. This type of hosting is a solution for larger companies and businesses, and it is the most expensive type.

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Managed web hosting is a bit different. Here you will have a server that is dedicated and is utilized only by you. Yet you will not have the complete administrative control over the server. This means that the provider of the web hosting will be the one who is responsible for keeping up on the performance and the reliability of the server. While you will not be the one who is responsible for the specific administration of the server, you will have a cost that is added as you will be paying for these services that the company will be providing for you. A number of people choose this option since it is considered to be more convenient than being responsible for the management of the server on their own. This particular solution is particularly optimal for the users who are novices.

The primary difference between these two forms of hosting is that you have a different amount of control over the server. If you choose colocation hosting, then you will have total control of the server since you are the owner of it. Yet you will need to have the technical skills and the time to be able to be in control of it. Yet with managed hosting, you will be leasing the server you have and you will not have the responsibility of having to worry about the hassle that may be involved with having to maintain it. In the majority of cases, people will prefer having managed hosting because it is less time consuming and involves less responsibility.

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