The average salary varies from country to country. But have you ever wondered which occupations rake in the most money in general? We have, so we created a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world.

1. Neurosurgeons

Average Salary: Up to £344,000
Overview: Neurosurgeons are specialised surgeons who focus on some of the most important parts of the body: the brain, spine, and nervous system. Some surgeons may be required to work up to 60 hours per week, day or night. In the USA, Neurosurgeons earn up to $497,000 (£382,000). Whilst in Japan, the specialised surgeons earn an average yearly salary of 63,301,560 JPY (£438,600).

2. CEO

Average Salary: Up to £205,000
Overview: A Chief Executive Officer is a person who is in charge of an organisation and usually makes most of all business related executive decisions. The highest earning CEO is Hock Tan, owner of Broadcom. In 2017, he took home $103,000,000 (£79,200,000). However, the average annual salary in the USA for CEO’s sits at $430,000 (£330,500).

3. Anaesthesiologist

Average Salary: Up to £200,000
Overview: Anaesthesiologists (or Anaesthetists) are responsible for administering general and/or local anaesthetics to patients whilst closely monitoring them. In the USA, Anaesthesiologists can earn around $410,000 (£315,000) per year whilst in Germany, the pay can be up to £230,500. When applying for the job, a lot of places expect at least 5 years of experience.

4. Lawyer

Average Salary: Up to £181,000
Overview: Law and Legal work takes a lot of precision and training. Lawyers focus on preparing, interpreting and applying law in endless situations, such as: Domestic Disputes, Homocide, Theft, Divorce etc. Trainee salaries in Sweden and Austria begin at £33-35,000 and increases each year. Have a read of our list of Top 10 Law and Legal Employers in the UK.

5. Pilot

Average Salary: Up to £127,000
Overview: Besides a Bachelor’s degree, Pilots must complete training at flight school and get a private pilot’s license. Then, the private pilot needs to log 1,500 of flight in different planes/conditions before gaining a commercial pilot’s license. There are different types of Pilot careers, including commercial flying, private jet flying, military (air force) and with tourism.

6. Doctors

Average Salary: Up to £125,000
Overview: Psychiatrists dedicate their time on the diagnosis, prevention, study and treatment of mental disorders in patients, such as: Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorders. Psychiatry can be a stressful and emotionally draining job. In Norway, Psychiatrists can earn up to KR1,636,781 ( £145,900) depending on experience.

8. Engineering Manager

Average Salary: Up to £97,200
Overview: The role of an Engineering Manager is to develop, direct, and coordinate activities in projects. They develop concepts for new products and solve problems that may prevents a products completion. In the USA, an Architectural or Engineering Manager can earn approximately $138,000 (£106,000). Engineering managers need a Bachelor’s Degree and at least 3 years of experience.

9. Financial Analysts

Average Salary: Up to £60,000
Overview: Analysts research macro and microeconomic conditions along with company fundamentals to make industry recommendations. People will invest based on the Financial Analysts recommendation, so accuracy is essential. Similar to the UK, Hong Kong Financial Analysts earn up to HK $595,000 (£59,000) whilst US Analysts charge around £31 an hour.

10. IT Systems Manager

Average Salary: Up to £60,000
Overview: An IT systems manager in the United States can earn up to $133,000 (£102,000). In Canada, some IT systems managers earn around $94,000 (£72,000). The Information Systems Managers are responsible for the effective operation of computer systems, applications, hardware and software that is used in private or public sector organisations.

Author: Zara Woodcock

Credit: Adview, Original Article