Every person cherishes in his innate desire of looking attractive and admired by others because it is considered as a means of self-expression. In the 21st century, fashion and upcoming trends dominate the whole world. Not only it controls the way people dress up but also affects the overall attitude of the mass. Fashion trends to sum up the mindset of the whole generation and it is getting more and more prominent now. Our generation believes that fashion is capable of sending a powerful message without even saying a word. Fashion allows 21st Century millennials to express who they are, how they feel or what they are trying to achieve.

Fashion as an Industry

The journey of what we wear began with the purpose of protection against the intensity of the weather. Slowly and gradually, it turned into an Industry. Fashion started to give a unique identity. Adding to the attraction of a persona, fashion industry extended versatility from clothes to jewellery, footwear, make-up, and hairstyle. In the late 20th (1950s-80s) Century, designers became celebrities. The market started to become more competitive in the 2000s. Fashion started to flow around the world and the industry started to shape the appearances globally. Research shows a 21% growth in the fashion industry over the last three years. Fashion still sells luxury in the pursuit of profitability and it is not going to stop any sooner.

Fashion makes you bold and daring

How you look has become a source of self-expression, self-empowerment and confidence. People feel more comfortable, confident, satisfied and self-esteemed while wearing a specific brand. As Christian Louboutin said: “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” Fashion has become bolder, daring and more reflective. It has started expressing ideas, principles, and agendas. Fashion is not only about clothing your body, but it is also the essence of your personality, an expression to your beliefs and an ability to portray your unique style. The power of fashion can be realized with how easily we can identify a period of time just by recognizing their appearance.

Controls the society: talk of the town

Fashion has a stronghold over society (depends upon how society interprets the fashion trends and judges it) and it plays a dominant role in the modern world. It has become a complete genre of today’s world. Like poetry, youth is adopting fashion to lure their aesthetic experiences. The present generation approves or disapproves a fashion trend just to feel irreplaceable. People are writing blogs, even magazines about it. TV programs, newspaper’s special editions and daily gossip, everything revolves around one particular subject: What is trending?

Fashion defines the attitude and values of public

It translates how we feel, what we value the most, and what motivates consumers to choose a particular design. This growing trend of self-awareness for one’s look has influenced almost every aspect of the modern world. So the trend of the day is to adopt such a self-expressive style that can remove social prejudice about fashion in society.

To sum it up, fashion definitely has become a part and parcel of human life. It certainly is a force that is here to stay. Most noteworthy of all, fashion has immersed every place on earth and we believe that it is neither about labels nor about brands but it is something else that comes from within you. Keeping no racial boundaries, it speaks to every gender and colours. Every identity can find meaning in it. Fashion has permeated all spheres of our life. We can say that fashion rules the arena.

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