Once you get a better understanding regarding the working and procedure of reseller hosting agencies, it is time to take a plunge into the search for reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is a great decision of adding a new stream of income into your budget.

How to make money with reseller hosting?

Here are some fundamentals:

The foremost step is to set up a direction through research. There is a lot of competition in this niche.

But before that, you need to focus and find out the answers to these questions:

  • What steps have been taken by your competitors?
  • Either the services offered by your competitors are the same as yours or not?
  • What are the core offerings by the competitors in this niche?
  • What are the additional services or features provided by them?
  • What are their marketing techniques?

The answers to these questions will provide a strong understanding of your niche and the competition trends ongoing, which in any case you might face in the future. At this stage, you have to define your central proposals. Researching these will also help you to find styles of web hosting, as well as understanding the features that you will need in the future for your clients.

What do you need to start?

Following are the steps to be taken when you are in a position to start a reseller web hosting business:

1. Find a host: Find out a parent hosting agency that has similar services and products as you determined for your business niche in your research.

2. Reseller with similar needs: When you got success in devising your actual need, it’s time to search a reseller with similar needs.

3. Time to signup: After finding a host, signup for seller hosting, the procedure could be different depending on the host you are working with.

4. Purchasing: Go to the hosting-reseller-page and signup. There you can purchase hosting and services credits.

5. Customer signup: After this, signup the customers to your server.

6. Interact with your audience: At this stage, you must have your website for direct interaction with your target audience and to provide them with information about your services and products.

7. Integrate utility services: Relying on parent host you could integrate payment options and supplementary features.

8. Price: Price is very important especially when you start a small business and can’t afford to waste money on the same services that other companies offer for less. For example, The Elector has low prices compare to other services and offer 24/7 support with free migration If you come from another hosting company. In the first month, you only pay £0.99 and If you don’t like their services you can always request money back.

Significance of customers support

1. Being a smaller host, your company badly needs to provide seller customer support. A lot of visitors turning into customers can make strong recommendations and referrals to your company. At this point, you have covered a vital milestone. If you are able enough to meet up customer support requirements.

2. Capable of a simple and accessible website.

3. Providing answers to your clients

4. Ready to guide the visitors of your website via sign up for web-hosting services. 

Parental hosting services tackle many issues on their own and can assist you a lot more. Set-up your market by focusing on the specific niche and determining the ways to reach your clients. Hype up your services through blogs, SEO, social media advertisements, affiliated campaigns, and a lot more.

Once you are have decided your niche, exploring the market, and devised services, find a good hosting seller and start selling your services.

How much does it cost to start a web hosting company?

The range differs from a $3 to start-up, up to a $100 a month to go big. On the other hand, starting a shared web hosting can cost as low as $7.

Here’s an overview:

  • A web hosting account may cost $1 to $100. For example, The Elector provide cheap web hosting from only £0.99 per month
  • A one-time website design may cost up to $1000.
  • To use a WHM (Web Hosting Manager) like cPanel may cost an additional $5 for a single account.
  • Plus, different niche also costs a different amount.

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