Human civilization has observed many pandemics till the day, and those’ impacts are incomparable. The term pandemic defines the situation when an epidemic disease spread all over the world and affecting people’s lives whatsoever. Like many other days and months, people were busy with their lives, striving to upgrade their living standards, living a happy life with friends and family. Unknowingly, a new virus (now known as Coronavirus) outbreak took place in Wuhan, China, at the end of the last year (2019). As a result, it is devastating people’s lives to a great extent, and life after Coronavirus will never be the same as it used to be.

Historical Significance

Looking back to the history of the pandemic, in 1918, ‘Spanish Flu’ emerged as the deadly virus infecting more than 500 million people across the world. This flu also taught people that social distancing could minimize the spread to a great extent and protect oneself from any infectious pandemic. After a hundred years, we had to embrace another pandemic, Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and have to implement the lesson learnt from then pandemic. Since the emersion of this deadly virus, it infected mass instantly and took many innocent lives. A statistic provided by international survey agency reveals that 8,196,745 are being infected worldwide, among them 443,291 people died (till filing of this report).

  • How exactly Coronavirus spread?

Coronavirus’s origin has not yet been discovered, and there is an ongoing controversy that this virus intentionally came from a Chinese lab, on the other, some also claim that it was born in one of the local markets of Wuhan, China. On another note, the source of Spanish flue has not been discovered as well, though there are many assumptions leaving marks on people’s lives.

  • Are the symptoms of Coronavirus and Spanish Flu the same?

Well, the symptoms of the Coronavirus is almost similar to the Spanish flu, which is why it was mentioned earlier. Whenever someone affected by Spanish flue, he/she has to suffer from chills, fever, and severe condition; their lungs filled up with fluid, which suffocated them to death. Similarly, Coronavirus has the same symptoms, including chest pain and loss of speech.

Impact of Coronavirus

To put the damage in words is quite impossible as it has dome indescribable. When the world was already suffering from climate change, plastic pollution, Coronavirus comes and immediately puts the whole world into a strenuous position. This virus hasn’t ended its role in taking people’s lives; it turned into such an abstract power that it can affect almost all the aspects of people’s lives. It halted almost everything from economic development to travelling every little part of our lives. Owning to this Coronavirus, we are not living the normal life anymore; instead, we are stuck at the moment, which is full of tension, sorrow, and all the negative energy buzzing in the atmosphere all around.

How will life be after Corona?

The future will become more uncertain, and the crisis in essentials will make the people suffer more. The aftermath of a pandemic is such horrible that you will just wish to close your eyes and wake up again to get rid of such a nightmare. By looking at the global condition, Coronavirus has soared unemployment, surged poverty, increased food insecurity, and above all, loss of lives is rising by the hour.

From an economic perspective, many economists believe that it will take at least 5 years or, if extended to, it can become 10 years to recover from this impairment fully. If a nation desires to recover faster, it is expected that there will be monetary inflation, a decrease in the value of money, imbalance in demand vs. production, and many others, which later leave the country in a position with no hope to recover. Many countries are taking initiatives such as announcing a huge amount of stimulus package with a view to protecting and recovering her people from economic devastation. Though the aftermath impact of a pandemic is inevitable, it is slowly recoverable.

On another note, the crime rate will increase to the peak because people who lost their jobs have to survive by doing something. Though statistics say that the crime rate amid Corona has seen massive slash, it has a huge potential to rise than typical day by day as the aftermath of coronavirus pandemic. The reason is obvious— survival, so one can take the path of unethical activities without thinking about further consequences.

Moving on, the travelling experience will not be the same as it used to be because there will be restrictions to travel and formalities to maintain during the travel period. Besides, almost all the aspects of our lives will be affected in one way or another.

Any Positivity You Can Find?

Nevertheless, not everything comes with adverse changes after all. Change in our lives is inevitable, and this Coronavirus has elevated many positive changes among humankind; for example, humanitarian or philanthropic activities increased to a great extent. Moreover, Coronavirus also taught another lesson that climate change is a human-made thing. To save the environment for our future generation, we must preserve everything.

To summarize, every nation has its recovery definition. It is assumed that no country can improve its condition if that nation has already experienced a disaster. There is no called drastic improvement in terms of recovering from a long-lasting virus hit in all the aspects of society, life, and culture. It is essential to be optimistic because a vaccine is a long way off, so turning to regular life will take time. And while returning to normal, the process will be lengthier and slow, but eventually, you can again fresh air outside of your home, travel anywhere you want, hug your close ones and enjoy the life to the fullest. For now, all we have to do is stay home and stay safe because it is vital to take care of your health so that you can see a bright future ahead of you.

What is CoronaVirus (COVID-19) and how it started