Technology has completely changed every aspect of society in the last decade. From the way we socialize with others, to the way we work and others

When it comes to children’s access to technology, we think about how we could adapt them to the current environment, but without affecting their thinking and how they develop. Our role and our responsibility both as individuals and as a society and community is to be aware of both the positive and negative impact of technology. And then to act and sustain a balanced consumption and give children a life in which technology exists, is necessary, but not in the forefront of their development.

Lately, most children have access to technology, from computers to phones or others. There are children who can’t resist without a mobile phone, who always have an open game or who don’t react in a pleasant way when they are periodically deprived of access to technology. This has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are that children can quickly find useful information or they can access educational resources. If technology had only positive aspects, life would be too beautiful, but unfortunately, it is not like that. Too much technology in children’s lives can damage their development.

How does technology negatively affect children?

Their social life becomes null, they start communicating with other people online, there is no face-to-face interaction. This leads to the creation of problems in relationships with other people because they no longer know how to behave in real life, how to express their emotions and feelings. The primary was children learn is by observing and listening, doing this they have the ability to read facial expression observer conversation and how to observe others react to different emotions in different situations.

Another problem that technology can create in children’s daily lives is that they no longer find pleasure in games that do not require connecting to technology, they quickly get bored of everything that means interacting with other people.

Access to technology can lead to increased violence in a child’s behavior, online games are just a source from which they may perceive violence as normal behavior. Exposure of children to violence has the consequences of contradicting parents or teachers at school or most often having violent behavior.

Stagnation of physical activity

When a child stops doing physical activity and just sits in front of a computer or phone, this can become harmful to him. Lack of exercise can lead to obesity or other health problems. Many of them give up eating or sleeping just to play online games or other activities that require technology.

Children may have problems at school due to technology, reducing their performance. Lack of attention during classes, or disagreement with teachers. A study shows that although the use of a computer for educational purposes at school is a distraction for children.

The main problem of technology is when is not used in moderation. There should be a balance on how much technology should a child use on a daily basis and to create a balance between technology and real-life activities. Technology has its ups and downs like everything in life, however, If the balance is found our children life can improve significantly

Author: Văsiuț Maria Denisa